Saturday, 14 December 2013

List of Most seen 300, 400 & 500 errors?

Following is the list of Errors Most People Encountered with these days:

30x series:
301: Moved permanently means that url will point to another url for always.
302: Moved temporarily means that url will point another for time being.

40x series:
400: Bad request means due to bad syntax request can’t be fulfilled.
401: Unauthorised means it happened when an authentication required but can’t be fulfilled due to some reason.
403: Forbidden means request made by client is true but server is not responding on it. It doesn't happen because of authentication like in 401.
404: Page not found means page is not available for which client requested for.

50x series:
500: Internal server error means server have nothing to response for request made by client.
501: Not implemented means either can’t fulfill the request or didn't understand the particular request.
502: Bad gateway means Server is acting like a gateway and receive invalid response.
503: Service unavailable means server is down or overloaded.
504: Gateway timeout meane Server acting like a gateway and didn't get timely response from upsteam server.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

SEO Interview Questions Part-3

Hello Guys how u all are?

So some more Questions&Answers on SEO.
Enjoy Reading it.
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21. What is keyword cannibalization?
-->It occurs when some pages in website competing for same keyword in search engines. We can’t prevent that to happen some time when we are using important keyword in different pages in the website.

22. What is Disavow Tool?
-->It is use to remove the bad backlinks coming to one’s website. Basically we use it when backlinks coming from bad site and which we don’t want.

23. What is Google Dance?
-->It’s outdated technique where google use to update its search result for 36 times in a year But now a days it happens weekly.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

SEO Interview Questions Part-2

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As i promised here is more SEO interview Questions:

11. How many character with space is allowed for Title tag and Meta description?
--> For Title tag 10-70 character with space is allowed. And For Meta description the count is 70-160 with space.

12. How ALT tag is useful?
--> Basically in SEO, ALT tag is useful for image description. Google can not read images directly we have to give some description to make it understand to google.

13. What is robot.txt & why we use it?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SEO Interview Quetions Part-1

Hello guys,

I am a Freelancer in SEO field and now i am searching a new job. Following is the list of Questions i have faced during different interviews. So i am starting with very known questions as it is first part. HOPE you all will enjoy it.
Let me know if you like it or if i made any mistakes.
Rishabh Ranjan

So Questions start from here with answer :

1. What is SEO?
--> According to me SEO i.e. Search engine optimization is way to increase over all hits of website.

2. What are the different types of SEO? Define it? --> Mainly there are 2 types : On-Page Optimization as well as Off-Page Optimization.

3. DEFINE OFF & ON page optimization? --> On-Page optimisation includes work on Meta keyword, Meta description, Title Tag, ALT Tag, Keyword Density, Header Tag Etc.
Off-Page optimisation includes work on Directory submission, Blog Posting, Forum Posting, Commenting, Classifieds posting, Article submission Etc.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What is Google NOSE

Google nose is very innovative, new way of search. Which gives us information according to smell.

Example :

Let suppose you walking in park or a garden and some smell just making you feel better you can use google Nose to find out what is that smell or in workplace you want to small rose but it not available physically use Google Nose.