Monday, 22 October 2012

Birthday Celebration: For Good or for Bad

Yesterday was my birthday and now I am 24. This occasion many Relatives/Friends wished me and also I given a small party for them we meet, enjoyed together and at last we all went back to our places.

I got a Question in my mind   "Is that necessary to celebrate birthday?"
                                            "Why are we celebrating it even though we are getting One year OLDER as many of us don’t want in this stage?"
In our childhood we were always eagerly waited for our birthday before a month or two, we use to celebrate it fullest and also we use to show gifts to our friends which we have got.

But as we are getting older, we are taking this day also just another day in life. As we are getting older we are facing more truth about life, about People near us, and some times it break us if we found something much unexpected.

Here what we are doing whole day, we are doing for survive in this world and Live our dreams for at least some time or some day as everyone having some dreams to fulfill.

These days we are celebrating a day without any reason as it is all depend upon when we are meeting our friends or it all depends upon two important factors time, money and also in that money factor is more important.

I am still waiting to get any answer for my question.